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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell If I were a teenager, I think Rainbow Rowell might become a favorite author. Her writing is really smooth and engaging. There's not a lot of fat, and the reader gets sucked in easily. My only real complaint with her style is that all the characters sound the same. Levi the farmboy sounds like Nick the writer who sounds like Wren the wild twin sister who sounds like Reagan the crabby roommate who sounds like the absentminded dad who sounds like Cath the protag. Everyone is clever and sarcastic. Also, a single father who doesn't know how to cook kind of makes me roll my eyes a thousand times over. As did Levi's smile.

Rowell has a habit of fixating on the way boys look and in two books now the love interest has "rescued" the protag with a truck ride. I hope she'll do something different next time. Also, the chivalrous too good to be true boys? A bit too much wish fulfillment for my taste, even as a teen. Boys are cruddy flawed creatures just like girls. Also, Levi kissing another girl? That wasn't cheating on anyone. He had no reason to apologize. LAME.