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Britpop - M.J. Gunn If this fellow had hired an editor and a copy editor, I would have given it 3 stars.

I enjoyed reading a story about uni life in the UK during the period that I was in college in the US and listening to the same music. Would love more books like this that focus on being a young adult in the 90s.

I wish the story had stayed just with Matthew and Alex or Matthew and Linda. It suffers from a too large cast of characters that are never fleshed out enough for the reader to keep track of.

If you want to read it for nostalgia purposes, I wouldn't discourage you. The ebook isn't very expensive. Just be aware that there are lots and lots of spelling errors and many sentences are missing periods. The funniest one is massacre being used every single time in place of mascara. I'm thinking that being a male, he didn't know how to spell it at all and just went with spell check's suggestion for his initial misspelling.