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Practical Demonkeeping
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Sunset Song (Canongate Classic)
Lewis Grassic Gibbon
The Histories: The Landmark Herodotus
Herodotus, Andrea L. Purvis, Robert B. Strassler
40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich
Lisa E. Dahill


Psyche - Louis Couperus, B.S. Berrington Lovely fairytale retelling of the story of Psyche with much less emphasis on Eros/Cupid. Journey of the human soul from innocence to experience to redemption. Read online with illustrations - http://www.gutenberg.org/files/38005/38005-h/38005-h.htm


“Sphinx,” continued Psyche, “open your stony lips. Speak! Tell me the riddle of life. I was born a princess, naked, with wings; I cannot fly. The light-gold Chimera, the splendid horse with the silver wings, came down to me, took me away with him in wanderings through the air, and I loved him. He has left me—me, a child—alone in the desert, alone in the night. Tell me why? If I know, I shall—perhaps—weep no more. Sphinx, I am tired. I am tired of the air, tired of the sand, tired from crying. And I cannot stop; I keep on crying. If you do not speak to me, Sphinx, then I will drown you, gigantic as you are, in my tears…”