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The Expedition of Humphry Clinker (English Library) - Tobias Smollett Listened to the Librivox recording. I believe this was the ideal way for me to consume this tale. The sections run from about 3-30 minutes, usually leaning toward under 10 minutes, which makes it fly by despite the 80+ missives.

It had me in tears at some points, most memorably when the uncle (Matt Bramble) describes the filth he imagines he is drinking in Bath's water.

"But I am now as much afraid of drinking, as of bathing; for, after a long conversation with the Doctor, about the construction of the pump and the cistern, it is very far from being clear with me, that the patients in the Pump-room don't swallow the scourings of the bathers. I can't help suspecting, that there is, or may be, some regurgitation from the bath into the cistern of the pump. In that case, what a delicate beveridge is every day quaffed by the drinkers; medicated with the sweat and dirt, and dandriff; and the abominable discharges of various kinds, from twenty different diseased bodies, parboiling in the kettle below."